Explore the world that surrounds you with Google street view

We all know very well what Google maps use for, what Google Street view can offer us. But the technological world is going much more further. With Google maps and street view we can explore our future offices, we can “spy” on people working there and maybe our future colleges.


Pro and cons

Everything fine and everything great but there are some things that surely are not a plus for that kind of application. Lot of people complain these things:

  • – stalking issues and spying on other people, their homes and the streets they live
  • – violation of privacy
  • – some embarrassing photos of you could be found accidentally on Google Street view
  • – terrorists, criminals and thiefts could use it to plan better their attack
  • – does not have an offline version and you always have to have a good internet connection otherwise it freezes


Now it’s time to make a list of pro things of using Google maps and Google Street view:

  • – you can find your way without paper maps. Just write your actual position and your final destination and Google Maps will lead you whenever you need. By car, on foot or by bus. No more problems of loosing ourselves in big cities
  • – you can check how your new job place looks like, how to get there and even check what you have close to job . GPS navigation is free now and a voice will guide you while you drive
  • – sculptures, beautiful worldwide cities can be virtually visited, everything can be seen by 360 degree camera which will makes us live some new experiences
  • – accurate worldwide maps
  • – indoor views of museums, restaurants, hotels, offices and much more

  • – it can plan the whole trip for you
  • – easy to use and very accurate



So, at the end is this kind of useful application an entertainment or just a interesting waste of time for people that just live some virtual lives?

Virtual reality or virtual insanity? It can be called in both ways. Nowadays we have to be very careful what we do in public otherwise we can be filmed or photographed.

The other day I got out of my house in pink pijama with blue teddy bears. At that moment the Google car was passing and filming my street. That’s more than great. My teddy bear pijama will be on internet together with my messy hair. I just hope that someone doesn’t check on Google street view where my house is, otherwise I’m completely ruined.

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