Google Maps Ads success: the example of IQ Option

Hi everyone, today I would like to share you an interesting example of how to achieve and maintain success in the online world. You all, scrolling your favorite blogs and platforms, will surely think that it mustn’t be so hard to create something online and grow a community of followers. Well, you’re wrong.

Even the biggest online businesses need constant attention and, first of all, innovation: it’s the case of the famous IQ Option. 

In a very short time, the trading platform known as IQ Option has become so popular and has achieved so much success that everyone would think that it’s okay to stop at this point. It would be alright to just continue doing the same things, without thinking about new, attractive activities. Well, IQ Option’s head managers don’t think like that, and foreseeing the future they seem to quite know what to do to always stay on top in the online world. Just for their knowledge they earned our deep respect!

Infinite research and imagination: the key for success?

So, this time IQ Option developers found a very interesting mean to gain more and more attention from their already vast public as tells us OptionMag. For example, make it possible to visit their offices through smartphones, from wherever in the world you are. You’ll have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea! Its headquarters, in fact, are quite far from every point of view, as they are located in the city of Limassol, on the island of Cyprus. So, for the many fans of the organization, or simply the ones interested in the platform and who would like to know a bit more of how the offices works, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover the IQ Option world from the inside, with just a few taps! In fact, they developed a virtual tour through a google maps app, so you can have the full experience of a real tour in their offices, relaxation rooms and daily workstations through the internet. Here is a brilliant example of how to expand online fame and made it last even longer!

A quality environment for a quality service 

Through the virtual tour, here we can finally understand one of the secrets of the good service offered by IQ Option. The company actually takes good care of his employers, and makes sure they can work in a stimulating environment to increase their productivity, but also to promote interesting campaigns and new ideas. So, the burau of this huge online trading platform offers a great architecture and very modern interns, with a variety of comfort and relaxing zones to take a break from the intense load of work. From this it becomes quite clear how the quality of the work environment is linked to the quality of the service that they can offer. And, of course, it would be a waste not to show these good points just because of the offices are on Cyprus island. There is no need to say that this move has been pretty successful from the start for what regards the company’s marketing objectives.

The users’ opinions 

This initiative introduces the world of online trading, with crypto currencies, binary options and all of its functions to new users every day, so we thought it would be best to ask some opinion to the ones who actually took the virtual tour and entered IQ Option headquarters. The comments are, like everything that regards IQ Option platform itself, extremely positive even with some unsatisfied users. So, if interested to know more about this online giant, we suggest to have a look and download the smartphone app. It’s free and it may give you a hint of what is missing in your own online activity!

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