Overwhelmed by Phobia ? Not with Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, an Agoraphobic photographer has been able to capture the world from the comfort of her room. For a long time, Jacqui Kenny’s life has been overwhelmed by a phobia of wide spaces and crowds, agoraphobia. However, at the age of 43, the former creative director found a breakthrough. Now she could travel virtually without having to set foot outside her apartment. With her amazing skills with the camera, coupled with Google Street View, she has been able to garner over 30,900 followers on Instagram, a number which is on the rise.


Although life was cruel to deny her the ability to just walk out and explore the world, it has not barred her from exploring the globe from her own comfort zone, her room. Her instagram account, Agoraphobic Traveller has amassed a whopping 30,900 followers who would to know her story, know how she is doing it, and explore the world with her. Her favourite destinations being Kyrgyzstan, the United Arab Emirates vista deserts, Cacti garden in Arizona, Atacama Desert, Piura in Peru and Senegal’s sizzling square.

Captioned by Kenny as “My new favourite country to visit”, the picture, taken in Senegal, shows women facing the West African heat.

The Google car’s trail of dust captured perfectly by Kenny in Peru, one of her favourite destinations.


Golden Opportunity on a Platter

Kenny had always dreamed of being a photographer with National Geographic but with her condition, this was close to impossible. However, thanks to Google street view, the whole world has been handed to her. With her virtual tour, she can go anywhere in the world that she feels like, even the most remote of places. With the help of Google Street View, now she is feeling motivated to take on the real world!

Mesa, Arizona. Captured is a garden of cacti. This pictured garnered 2700 likes on her insragram page, where Kenny got recognized by luke.webley.photographs and sad.suburbs, acknowledging her keen eye.

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